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Alliance Française d’Accra offers translation and interpretation services from French into English and from English into French.


Our translations are of the highest quality in the Country and are recognized by institutions such as the French Embassy, The United Nations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, banks, private and public organisations, among others. Aside the advantage of having your documents well translated, you can also rely on us to deliver on time. Our Interpreters are also the crème de la crème in the profession.

Types of documents we translate are: driving licence, curriculum vitae, birth and marriage certificates, official deeds, degrees, contracts, specialised terminology and advertising documents.


Alliance Française, as a worldwide network provides interpretation services for companies, government institutions as well as private institutions.

It is one of the best institutions in the country, always in search of excellence. We work with the best interpreters in Ghana.

Our interpreters are ever ready to solve your language difficulties at the court, parliament, immigration, airport and conferences for all types of interpretations: consecutive, simultaneous, liaison, court, community, whispering interpretations etc.

Contact us and you will never regret it.


From French to English and vice versa – du Francais vers l’Anglais et vice versa

All translated documents are to be picked up as of 3pm on the due date

Type of DocumentPrice
Ghanaian Birth Certificate/Acte de Naissance GhanéenGhc70
Driving Licence/Permis de ConduireGhc70
Police Record/Casier JudiciaireGhc70
Certificate/ DiplômeGhc70
Results Slip/Relevé de NoteGhc70
Identity Card/Carte d’IdentitéGhc70
Foreign Birth Certificate/Acte de Naissance EtrangerGhc80
Transcript/Bulletin ScolaireGhc80
Personal Letters/Lettres PersonnellesGhc80
Non Academic Testimonials/Attestation non scolaireGhc80
Business Letters/ Lettres CommercialesGhc80
Marriage Certificate/Acte de MariageGhc80
Death Certificate/Acte de DécèsGhc80
Adverstising Documents/ Documents PublicitairesGhc120
Product Labels/Etiquettes de ProduitsGhc120
Curriculum VitaeGhc120
Medical Reports/Rapport MédicauxGhc120
Commercial Documents/Documents CommerciauxGhc120
Conference Documents/Documents de ConférencesGhc120
Technical Documents/ Documents TechniquesGhc120
Legal Documents/Documents JuridiquesGhc120
Bank Statement/ Attestation BancaireGhc120

Express service: plus 50% per page (page: A4 paper 250 words)
Fastrack service: express price X2
** Prices are subject to change
Call the translations office on 0501287804 – Email:

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