Homeless – Theatre

12/04/2019 20:00

8:00pm – Homeless is a play set in modern Ghana, on the streets of Accra to be precise. The play highlights the plight people on the street go through; the hardships, horrors, and the tricks and antiques that are exhibited on the street just for one to survive. The street is described as a no man’s land; survival is key to making it, not having each other’s back always relegated to the background. John a young man from a very good home ends up on the street as a result of family pressures. He makes a new friend called Abu who teaches him all the tricks involved in surviving on the street. The play is filled with humour which has a tendency of keeping an audience glued to its seat till the entire production is over; but hefty with a message that cannot be overlooked.

RATE: GHC50, Ghc30 for AF students and members, free under 16.