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The chief of an African village, who is called ‘Demi Dieu’ because after God he is the owner of all the things, already has...

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The chief of an African village, who is called ‘Demi Dieu’ because after God he is the owner of all the things, already has five wives. But as this is not enough he decides to find himself a sixth wife so that he has one for every day of the week except on Sunday when he uses to relax. Come and watch this hilarious French movie with English Subtitles. Don’t miss this.


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Jean, a young watch maker, and Anna, a mysterious woman love each other madly and go through all life’s experiences together. But Anna suddenly suffers from a strange sickness. Will Jean’s love for her be enough to save her? The film is followed by a cocktail.


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The opening concert of this dynamic festival features the indefatigable Dominik Coco all the way from Guadeloupe. His unique style of zouk infused with acoustic music creates an interesting mix of new urban and Caribbean currents. You are guaranteed to dance all night long. See you!


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Plastics have no place in our natural environment yet we find them everywhere! Did you know the plastic you throw away will take hundreds of years to decompose? And that it releases harmful gases to the atmosphere when burnt? Huge amounts of plastic waste end up on our beaches and in the oceans, threatening sensitive ecosystems, harming marine life, coral reef and even the fish we eat.

The Plastic Punch team believes collective human responsibility and action are urgently needed to ensure that the future generations will inherit a healthy environment.

Come and be part of our plastic punchy activities: Family-friendly workshops on the dangers of plastics and reuse ideas, fashion and dance shows, theatre, live music… and win some exciting prizes with the raffle!

We are also urgently calling on volunteers to support and join our clean-up event on the coastal areas between Prampram and New Ningo on March 17th. Kindly call 026 500 9334/ 024 4988 412 to register and get more information.



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Kyekyeku brings his project Ghanalogue Highlife on the stages of Alliance Francaise of Accra supported by contemporaries Reynolds the gentleman, Six Strings, FRA! and Kologo master Senza.

For the last 3 years kyekyeku has presented his project to music overs in Accra before going on tour as a way of paying homage to his home city where the inspiration for his music has come from.

Kyekyeku & Ghanalogue Highlife brings back deep warm grooves reminiscent of when folk Ghanaian musicians first plugged in, went electric and funky, creating tons of delightful music popularly known in Ghana as Highlife. With a sound placed somewhere between retro Highlife and recent sonic pallette, Kyekyeku & Ghanalogue Highlife is definitely required listening for a truly definitive Ghanaian musical experience. Don’t miss it!


30GHC for adults

25GHC for AF students and members

FREE for kids under 16 years old

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Set against the backdrop of drug trafficking and dealing, the film tells a story of London based Ghanaian school boy Junior who upon realising his visiting little sister picked the wrong suitcase at the airport which contains a hoard of cocaine, instead of returning it to its owners, devices a plan to offload the merchandise. Don’t miss this action packed film.


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The West African Food Festival brings you part 2 of this tasty extravaganza, different foods from West African countries together for an unrivaled, tasty food in one location. Discover our foodie paradise. Pair the food with the drinks – including our signature event cocktail. A bar will be available throughout the day to satisfy your thirst at this all-day event. Come one, Come all!


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The bedroom is a romantic comedy that unveils conflict between a naturalist, feminist, “chameleon” and an opportunist. In their quest to defend their ego, they swap gender. Having discovered each other’s shocking secrets,  the latter questions their hearts. Don’t miss this entertaining play! See you!