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    The name QABA was derived from the surnames of four artists comprising of Otis Kwame Kye Quaicoe, Cornelius Annor, Kwesi Botchway and Kofi Awuyah who saw the potential in each other talents and came together with the aim of Educating ,Inspiring, empowering and helping people with their talents. Qaba envision being one of the top Art groups which will be impactful and pave a way and helped discover potentials through Art. Together we all can put a smile on someone’s face and make a change through art for one Dream. Benefit from their sales is used towards helping the street children.


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    For this month, there will be a series of animation movies by young animators in Ghana. We present you Agorkoli, Edem, The peculiar life of a spider and Fly. These animations are exciting and adventure filled. Bring some popcorn for a relaxing night out.


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    Sochara is a Dagaare word from the Dagaare speaking people in the Upper West Region of Ghana. It literally means ”Junction”. This production seeks to bring a series of dance pieces together on one stage at one point as the word junction connotes. The term junction assumes the posture of performance space, which we will explore as a medium of bringing people together as one. See you there!!!


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    This creative collaboration comprises of collection of paintings by Efo Sela and a series of love poems titled Purple Harmattan Series by Elikplim Akorli. This artistic project, is a calculated one which seeks to generate dialogue, debate, give insight, and peer into the objective sense of the human being as much as the subjective sense which happens to be subtle and is therefore based on ones‟ own level of being able to relate. Being able to relate, is not a thing out of human scope and thus all forms of creativity do in fact seek to draw others, from the artists point of view into his or her world which varies due to the expression of individuality which happens to be the gift of the unique soul. The poems herein were written at a period of seasonal change called “Harmattan”.


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    Don’t miss out La French Touch music show! After having rehearsed for months under artist Fafa Ruffino’s guidance, our young talented children from 8 to 12 will be dishing out on stage a series of French, Ghanaian and international hits! Featuring pianist Opoku Mensah and his band.

    25GHC for adults
    15GHC for students/members
    Free under 16