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Wed 21st June, 2017
12:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Diana Gómez lives and works in Accra since August 2016.

This artist questions the ways of seeing or talking about the cardinal virtues of our days.

This research becomes all the more meaningful, as these cardinal values, which are supposed to be firm attitudes and guide us in our presence in the world, are frequently jeopardized.

With her eye centered on everyday settings, but also under the influence of literary and symbolic characters and real people in her surroundings, Diana often uses images from popular imagery and advertising, commonly used to represent “FORCE” in order to create with them new forms or techniques to express her vision of the world.

Diana Gomez was born in Colombia (1975). She studied plastic arts in Bogotá and Paris. She has already exhibited in Romania, Colombia, Morocco, Peru, and now has the honor of presenting her work in Ghana. Each country where she lived has been a source of inspiration, and her projects always come from personal experiences combined with diverse local contexts. She is delighted to be able to show this work to the French Alliance before leaving for the Philippines.


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