Sat 8th April, 2017
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

The Amale Concert is a night of dramatic poetry performance fused with traditional music composed through the ancient bamboo flutes and other traditional instruments. The instrumentation will give the audience especially lovers of jazz music something to smile about.

Amale is a Ga word that means ‘Lies’. The concept of this production revolves around disabusing the minds of people of all the lies they have been told that has had a great impact on their self-worth, growth and development. The concert also seeks to help its patrons consider all the options available to them before making any decision. Amale opens the eyes of the audience to reality versus perception. Sweet folksy music, jazz tunes and shocking words take center stage. Words, bodies and sound move in symphony. Amale…..MY TRUTH, YOUR TRUTH, THE TRUTH

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